Witch Hunts of 1692

"The witch hunts of 1692 are in jeopardy of being repeated

women vs women and some men

tie the hands and feet

see what happens:

if they sink innocence

if they swim guilty. Behead them. "

Massachusetts has offered an official apology in 2001 exonerating all the victims.

Connecticut has yet to offer an apology for those executed from 1647-1697. 1

In 2018 we are still guilty of calling out others based on differences. Yes we are.

No where is this more prevalent than in our teen population where cyber bullying is so prevalent and can lead to death. 2

This is perpetuated in colleges in groups such as fraternities and sororities with procedures called hazing, and continues into adulthood in the churches and congregations.

Humans are a social bunch. Being called out or not accepted can be seen as a form of punishment or death.

Lets move beyond the mass hysteria and start embracing our differences.

You’ll be glad you did!


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