Writing a good business letter:

I am afraid that in the world of text and e-mail

we have gotten away from writing a  business letter.

Originally taught  in High school:

Intro to Typing,

this type of communication is becoming an art form lost.


There are 9 components to the carefully constructed business letter:

1. sender information

2. recipient information

3. date

4. RE:

5: salutation: Dear, To Whom This Concerns

6. body

7. Closing: From, Regards, Sincerely

8. Signature

9. typed name


The 2 most important parts of any business letter  are:

1) the date

it will not auto populate in your document so be sure it's there

2) RE: the equivalent to the Subject line in a text/e-mail

It summarizes what you are about to read and I usually place it right above the Salutation.



There appears to be more leniency of where the 9 separate parts are in a business letter: the date especially has been seen in differing locations at the top of the letter.

That's ok.

Just so your business letter contains all 9 parts you should be fine.


Some prefer right margin placement, others left, and still others centered placement of the senders address.

The Body is fairly standard as is the closing and signature.

Be sure to sign your letter -a stamp or jpeg image just don't convey the same message.





Keep the body of the letter concise -remember you have included your phone and e-mail information above.

Unclear if typing a business letter or typing in general is still being taught.

I encourage all to practice this form of communication.






I have included an example below.

Feel free to comment.



Example A.


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