Can I get a Large Cuff Please

With the percentage of obesity rising and representing 1/3 of the American public

you would think that finding large blood pressure cuffs in you local pharmacy would be easy.

BMI(body mass index) provides a number that can identify weight issues. 


Obesity is measured by BMI(body mass index) in those having a  BMI greater than 25.

A healthy BMI is 18-25.

It is calculated by using measurements of height and weight.2

There is a known relationship between obesity and hyptertension.

We are encouraging our patients to be self advocates and informed consumers

yet there is difficulty finding affordable cuffs that will fit on the larger size arm circumference.

Using standard size cuffs will provide inaccurate readings on a larger adult.

Below are the references measured in  inches and centimeters when deciding on a cuff that will fit.


Regular Adult cuff            Large Adult  cuff             Extra Large sometimes called thigh cuff

23-40cm                               34-50cm                          40-60cm

 9-16in                                  11-20inch                         16-26 inch


For the few pharmacies that carry  a large cuff they are electronic and mostly unaffordable for the general public.

Carrying  affordable large cuffs should be standard in all drug stores that carry anti hypertensive medications.

Until then consumers are encouraged to follow up with their doctor or visiting nurse and can use the lobby bp machines provided they are calibrated.










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